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Executive Summary


Suhulah.Asia’s mission is to be the leading social enterprise e-commerce platform for Charity and Alms and the first to develop a solution for vendors and customer services and satisfaction. Suhulah.Asia ensures a seamless management of all of their business activities, marketing and progression.


The ultimate benefit of this services is that it enhances the overall image if online vendors and merchants. Consumers demand not only convenience but a piece of mind. The purpose of this services offers both Charity and Alms. Suhulah.Asia would like to facilitates, help and grow the economy of entrepreneur and making ease of charity and alms for the consumer.

Providing eCommerce100%
Utilize of Technology90%
Reduce Dependence91%
Merchant Improvement95%
Ease of Charity and Alms97%

Who We Are

Suhulah.Asia is a social enterprise E-Commerce platform positioning itself to becoming one of the first e-commerce platform for Charity and Alms by use of the innovation in technology to help micro-home-based business and merchants with our services. Our offers a solution to our merchants and to our buyers to make ease of Charity and Alms and as well as supporting the economy of those who we priorities; single mothers, autism, underprivileged and job seeker.  This company utilizes a consolidation approach in handling the product quality, merchants’ welfare and customer satisfaction. By creating a new service under Rotuku Group of Companies, Suhulah.Asia positions itself for rapid growth and gains strong opportunity to raise entry barriers for possible competition.


Suhulah.Asia’s goal is to use the innovation in technology to provide not only micro home-based merchants with reaching a larger consumer base and offer quality products, but to also provide consumers with wider range of food and beverages from our vendors.



  1. Provide income generation opportunities that meet the basic needs of people,
  2. Earned income from sales is reinvested in their mission. They do not depend on philanthropy and can sustain themselves over the long term
  3. Scalable. Their models can be expanded or replicated to other communities to generate more impact
Registered Merchant
Happy Customers


Happy Customers is what we want.

Our Clients

Our client not only from the public, we have our corporate client that fully pledge supporting our merchant

Our Office

iCentre, Spg 32-37,
Anggerek Desa Tech Park, 
Kg.Serusop BB3713, 
Brunei Darussalam.