Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to sign up to make purchase?

You can buy as a guest or sign in as a user. To sign up as a user, click 'Sign Up' and fill out the required information. If you sign up as a user, we would be very happy to hear it, Suhulah.Asia will be able to collect and provide you relevant information such as favorite foods, discount products, purchase history, and more.

How do i sign up as a merchant?

Only two (2) steps are required.

First, you need to sign up online through Suhulah.Asia.

Second, Suhulah.Asia will be meeting with you for further action. Applicants are recommended to register their company at the Registrar of Companies. 

How do i know if an order has been confirmed?

Confirmation will be given by call, text message or email.

What Payment do you accept?

We do accept Credit/Debit card and QuickPay

Can i change my email after registration?

You can change your new email by updating the information after clicking the "My Account" tab.

Do i need to send the order?

Merchants only need to focus on maximizing your production capacity.

What are the benefit of selling with Suhulah.Asia?

With Suhulah.Asia, there are no hidden fees like monthly fees, product shipping fees or marketing fees. Suhulah.Asia is committed to helping the local Nano & Micro SME economy especially single mothers, job seekers, under privilegedand job seekers. Merchant have the right to be selected under the Rotuku "Build Your Brand" for product export.

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